“The past three days feel like one long day,” Aidan Alexander sighs. 

The 16-year-old actor, Instagram aficionado and recent import on the men’s fashion scene is in New York for just his second New York Fashion Week: Men’s circuit, and he’s already got the sentiment down pat. The drudge of the week can get exhausting, and though one would never guess it from a teenager, all bright-eyed and full of youthful optimism, Alexander even admits to skipping out on one of the week’s parties in favor of a night in.

Exhaustion aside, he is enjoying himself. “Last fashion week was very overwhelming for me, because it was my first time, so now that I’m back I have a sense of calm,” he says from the patio of Cafe Clover, in a moment of pause between meetings and shows. “I know what to expect.”

Alexander, who has more than 713,000 Instagram followers (the bulk of which are emoji-wielding teenage girls), is a rising actor who recently wrapped three movies, including one titled “Cowgirl’s Story” starring ABC Family star Bailee Madison. He’s working toward his high school diploma online — “fun fact, the same program that Kylie Jenner did” — which allows him trips to New York for fashion week, as well as months of filming on set in L.A. “I like the routine of logging on and getting stuff done,” he says. “It keeps me centered. It’s so hard though, I don’t know how [Jenner] finished it as fast as she did.”

Instagram is also a big connection for him in the fashion world. At the shows so far this week, favorites of his being Cadet and Robert Geller, “there have been a lot of people I recognize from social media, like bloggers and those people, so that’s been cool,” he says. His go-to accounts to follow include Gucci, “because their campaigns are amazing,” as well as AllSaints.

Alexander’s interest in fashion is a more recent development, stemming from geographical changes. “When I moved to L.A., I became more focused and aware of what I was wearing,” the Idaho native says of his fashion interest. “I just saw all these people wearing clothes that I never saw people back home wearing, and I realized how strong it is as a way to express yourself. Whether it’s music or acting, I’m very adamant on finding things that let me work creatively and clothing is just one of them. I like putting stuff together, based on my mood, and seeing how it looks.”

And while L.A. has led him to up his sartorial game, New York holds a certain stylistic appeal. “I love New York, but I don’t know if I could live here. The streets are so small and everyone is mad about something,” he says. That aside, the Eastern city’s fashion game is a definite perk. “When I’m in New York I think I’m a lot more bold with what I wear. A lot of the looks here are very expressive and unique, and it makes me feel like I’m underdressed all the time.”