The Plaza Hotel is about as haute a setting as one can find, so trust Colette’s coolness arbiter Sarah Lerfel to inject it with that je ne sais quoi.

On Friday night this translated into a crew of motley guests sporting T-shirts at a dinner in the building’s Grand Foyer to mark the opening of the mini boutique Colette + Gap. As waiters with white gloves served flutes of Champagne, lobster pots de cremes and sea bass and steak, Terry Richardson, Cecilia Dean, Jen Brill, Magnus Berger and Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Olivier Zahn played musical chairs at one of two long orchid bedecked tables.  Each guest was gifted a personalized colette x Gap collaboration item (Richardson got a skateboard) and at one point GRAFFITI artist NECK FACE slid around on his chair brandishing a knife with mashed potatoes.

At the center of it all was the soft spoken Patrick Robinson (sporting a Gap tshirt and jeans naturally). “I feel like I’m in Paris,” he sighed. 

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