Angela Lindval

Model Angela Lindvall, a longtime advocate for eco-sustainable design and living (she resides in a sustainable house in Topanga Canyon) turned out for the Raven + Lily dinner Tuesday night at David Arquette’s house. There, she took time to fill in WWD on her latest plans as a newly minted health coach, how she plans to mentor young models and her mission to conserve the planet (she’s reached out to Leonardo DiCaprio).

WWD: The last time you spoke to WWD, you were studying to be a health coach. How is that going?
Angela Lindvall:
Yes, I completed the program Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It was really informative to just learn not only about nutrition, but different lifestyle choices and how we all struggle with different things. It’s really about starting where you’re at. It’s not about perfection. What works for one person might be entirely different for another. It was really nice in terms of getting that type of education. It was also fulfilling to be certified in something. Now to take that information along with my background in yoga and share that is exciting.

WWD: How are you sharing that with others?
I’m going to start doing the retreats in Costa Rica at the New Year and hold space for people to come. I’m going to focus on models especially because I feel like it’s a place where I can mentor and really bring value to something that I’m experienced in. We’re taught as women, “How little can I eat to stay thin?” I have a completely different philosophy. I ask, “How many nutrients can I put in my body to look and feel my best?” All of these girls have voices out in the world and hopefully they can carry themselves in a positive way with guidance that I didn’t necessarily have. I have some other ideas of writing a book, creating an online platform, but the retreats are something that’s really tangible.

WWD: In terms of slow food and fashion, why has sustainability been so important to you over the years?
It’s the world we live in and I think we don’t have any other choice but to be aware. It’s having a direct effect on our bodies, health and children. Being a mother, it’s made me so aware of how impermanent our individual lives are. Each moment we live matters. Now I think we’re living under more stress than we’ve ever lived as a human race. We have so many pressures upon us from all these demands that people are really having adrenal fatigue. There’s a way that we can make a difference by just slowing things down and making conscious choices. It’s in an inward experience, an inward journey.

WWD: What other projects are you working on?
Do you know the company Article 22? They’re making jewelry and I’m making these bracelets from melted-down bombs in Laos. They asked me to come on board. I’m creating all these bracelets with mantras on them. “I am love. I am light. I am peace.” The idea of it is it’s a peace project and peace begins with all of us. So that’s really exciting. I’m going to Laos in two weeks. Those will be available in December.

WWD: In terms of modeling, is there anyone that you want to work with?
I’ll just be blunt. Fashion really isn’t my passion. I’d say food and nature is more my passion. I appreciate it and I love it. Give me a beautiful dress to wear and I’ll love it, but I’ve come to a point after having children, maturing into my space as a woman, where I need to really follow through on what moves me. What motivates me right now is really inspiring women and I want to do some major conservation work.

WWD: What kind of conservation work?
In Costa Rica, there’s one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet where all of the humpback whales are coming to mate and give birth. The rangers out there don’t have boats to make sure the regulations are implemented. I actually just reached out to Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m like, “I need your help, introduce me to the right people to help create a marine sanctuary because I think it would be really easy to implement.”