Anjelica Bette Fellini

The idea that women don’t poop offends Anjelica Bette Fellini.

“I knew a guy once and a good friend of his would joke around about girls not pooping,” Fellini says over the phone from her home in New York. “And I was like, ‘no, that’s not funny.’”

We’re on the subject (not that you were wondering) thanks to Blair Wesley, the bold, rebellious character she plays in “Teenage Bounty Hunters,” the latest from Jenji Kohan of “Weeds” and “Orange Is the New Black” fame, whose unapologetic nature has Fellini inspired.

“For me, it was the female empowerment. I think that it’s really rare to read something that is so female-driven that just doesn’t ask women to be in a box or feel a certain way. These women, these girls, they were so unabashedly themselves, right off the bat. Blair is like, ‘I think I’m a sluttier twin.’ It didn’t feel like a hat that she was putting on. It felt like she wanted to experiment and figure things out for herself. I was like, ‘yeah, this girl rocks,’” Fellini says. “Sometimes me and my girlfriends will sit around and talk about things that we apologize for. And sometimes it’ll be as random as farting. ‘I’ve never been more embarrassed.’ And I’m like, ‘why, why? Men will fart in each other’s mouth.’”

The 25-year-old New York native and LaGuardia grad has been home in Manhattan through the entire pandemic, locked down with her family and, like most people, working her way through phases of occupying her time.

“There’s been so many versions of what I did. I started writing poetry for a while. And then for a time I was drawing. I was just randomly drawing. And then I just recently started running. The first couple of months in quarantine, I don’t think I moved my body at all. And then now these last three months I’ve been like, all right, let’s get it. No more quarantine bod,” she says.

Now she’s reading plays, counting down until theater makes its return to the city. Originally a dancer, Fellini was part of the touring company of “Phantom of the Opera” while still in school.

“I think I was very fascinated by that process of why somebody makes this choice or that choice when they sing or use that tone. I would be very moved to see the performances change over the course of a two-show day. It was different in the matinee and the evening,” she says. “I did ‘Phantom’ for a while and then I decided I’m not a huge singer. I’m not gunning to be the next Sutton Foster. I don’t want to turn to concert dance. I wasn’t looking to be in the American Ballet Theater, anymore. And I was like, so where does that leave me?”

She took a year off to study and learn about acting, before finally deciding she was ready to take on some auditions, when “Teenage Bounty Hunters” came her way. The show, which has been called one of the year’s best TV series, follows fraternal twin high school girls who get into bounty hunting as a secret side gig, initially as an attempt to earn back money needed for dinging up their father’s car.

Up next, Fellini will be seen in Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch,” alongside Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and many more. She had low expectations going in and was “floored” to come out of her audition with a role.

“I mean, the entire cast, they’re legends. I’ve seen so many movies with Owen Wilson and so many things with Bill Murray, of course. And I totally love Tilda and Elizabeth Moss,” she says. “It was really a dream come true to work on that. Definitely a bucket list thing that I hadn’t even planned for.”

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