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NEW YORK — Back-to-back galas create a potential nightmare for any member of New York’s oft-invited junior set for at least one reason: it means finding not one perfect dress, but two. Well, it’s a hard knock life, but most of those attending last Wednesday’s Winter Ball for the Museum of the City of New York, sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent, and Thursday’s Winter Dance at the Museum of Natural History, underwritten by Chloé, managed to pull through.

While Wednesday night’s guests like Jennifer Creel, Natalia Vodianova and a newly pregnant Marisa Noel Brown sifted through the vintage YSL, Tom Ford’s YSL and the latest collection from Stefano Pilati in their closets or at the showroom, Muffie Potter Aston was awake for 48 hours taking care of her colicky new twins. “They’re amazing,” she gasped. “But I haven’t slept.”

At the Museum of Natural History, Claire Bernard extolled the virtues of co-chairing an evening like the Winter Dance. “You get your own waitress,” Bernard said. “Those are the perks.” As Zac Posen, Moby and Ashley Olsen feasted (or not) on cookies shaped like planets, airplanes and crescent moons, “Saturday Night Live” cast-member Amy Poehler entertained Tara Subkoff. “I feel out of my fashion element,” said Poehler of the wealthy young things in attendance. (Though she accessorized with a Balenciaga bag, she’d grabbed her outfit from the SNL wardrobe closet.) “I bet if you ripped an arm off one of these girls, gold coins would come out.”