Art star Jeff Koons and his wife, Justine, took in Ali Hewson’s Edun show in a parking garage under the Highline on Saturday. “We’ve been close friends with Ali for many years and we love the clothes and love Ali,” said Koons in his measured cadence. Koons added he is working on a new series of works that should be complete in the next two or three years. “I’ve been calling them ‘Antiquities.’ It’s paintings and sculptures and we’ll probably show some of the paintings in about half a year,” he revealed. Asked if he could divulge the concept, he noted somewhat opaquely: “When you follow your interests, art can take you to a metaphysical place where time bends and you sort of go into the future and into the past. It’s really about making that connection and having that time-bend take place as easily as possible for the viewer.” Sounds compelling—and likely pricey.

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