DALLAS — Big supporters of the Dallas Museum of Art are no strangers to the finer things in life, but even they were impressed by the Asian antique art and furnishings collection assembled by Loyd Paxton Gallery.

“These are some of the most magnificent things I’ve ever seen in Dallas,” enthused Dian Malouf, one of about 200 DMA donors who were invited for a Thai buffet supper at Loyd Paxton to preview the collection. “I think it’s very interesting that there aren’t any prices marked. It’s sort of like lobster — price upon request!”

The objets d’art ranged from petite Nepalese cloisonne sweetmeat stands to a hefty carved wooden door from an Islamic temple in India, as well as lots of intricate gold and silver works. Looming next to the buffet table was an enormous, wildly colorful winged statue of Garuda, carrier of the Hindu god of destruction.

The guests and hosts at the gallery were all members of the DMA’s Builders Club, an exclusive group of individuals and couples that each donated $10,000 to help build and maintain the new Nancy and Jake Hamon wing at the museum. “This is the largest attended single event that the museum has had in years,” observed Vincent Prothro, president of the DMA. “It’s a unique group of people.”

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