As models strutted down Michael Kors’ catwalk on Wednesday, the Go-Go’s hit “Our Lips Are Sealed” blared throughout the tent. Sure, the song has the kind of up-tempo beat the designer loves, but could it also have been a nod to his special guest, “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively?

Backstage, just before she took her front-row perch between sisters Lori and Robyn and giggled over Kors’ flowy navy blue dress with a red sash, the leggy blonde walked and talked with WWD about the man of the morning.

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WWD: What do you like about Michael’s clothes?

Blake Lively: His designs are elegant and classic and sophisticated. I don’t know how he makes a high-necked, hem-down-to-there gown with a pattern that you don’t think will really work look so sexy.

WWD: What do you like about Michael, the man?

B.L.: He’s got such a warm personality and is so fun and friendly. It’s amazing to me that someone so successful is still so genuine.

WWD: Going out on the runway right now, about to face the paparazzi, what’s going through your head?

B.L.: It’s my first time at New York Fashion Week so I’m just really excited. I’ve only ever been to couture, so it’s nice to see clothes you can actually wear, that didn’t take 9,000 hours to make.

WWD: Your co-stars Leighton Meester and Taylor Momsen have also been out and about this week. Do you guys coordinate plans?

B.L.: No, not really — it’s just whatever we can get to with our busy schedules.

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