While people in New York were recovering from last week’s fashion shows, people in Los Angeles were minding their own business: movies. The premiere of “Backbeat” at the Chateau Marmont brought out a mix of local glitterati, including Keith Richards, Tori Spelling, photographer Bruce Weber, Josh Evans, Billy Wirth, Jennifer Tilly, Billy Zane, Davis and Dean Factor, and Pia Zadora.

“This is how a premiere should be. The screen is big and the sound is great,” said writer-director Iain Softley, who along with the film’s stars Stephen Dorff and Ian Hart had flown in from a premiere in New York the previous night. “To be honest, the audience in New York was a bit blase. Most people were too tired from the shows.” Jennifer Tilly created her own fashion show right there when she put on the “Backbeat” T-shirt and transformed it into an A-line dress. “I see all the paparazzi have gone home, so there’s no need for me to continue looking fabulous,” she joked.

Like most Hollywood events, it was the party after the party where the real action was. Dorff hosted a private post-premiere celebration in his suite that lasted until the early morning hours — when everyone was finally kicked out because things got out of hand. “I can’t blame them for sending us home,” said one partygoer. “They are probably worried we’ll trash the room and looking around, I can pick out a few who’ve done it before.”

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