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A highly unlikely group of football fans gathered on Sunday night to watch the SuperBowl, including Lewis Lapham, Ron Perelman, Richard Meier and Debra Winger. Of course, they were hardly at a sports bar – instead, the Oak Room at the Plaza had been kitted out with big screens and an army of staff serving smoked salmon and oysters.


And as for serious supporters of either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals, well, they were in short supply. “I’m a couch potato sports fan,” joked Ann Dexter-Jones, fresh off a trip to the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational golf tournament, where, she says, she never even saw the greens.


“I’m here for the halftime entertainment — Bruce Springsteen,” said Marina Rust, who also brought her two young daughters to experience an only-in-New York moment at the Oak Bar.

Boykin Curry, who arrived as folks were donning 3-D glasses to watch the trailer for “Monster vs. Aliens”, explained a cousin’s technique for choosing a team when neither were local: “She used to get out a map and measure which one was closer to New York,” he said.

Most in the crowd had apparently done the same: huge cheers erupted for Steeler James Harrison’s 100-yard interception.

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