The celebrity Easter countdown is on. Over the weekend, Beyoncé had an early Easter tea party celebration with her daughter, Blue Ivy, which she documented on her Web site,

The photos, posted in the site’s category “My Life,” show four-year-old Blue Ivy in an electric pink Oscar de la Renta dress with Photoshopped bunny ears in one photo and a flower crown in another. Aunt Solange also is featured in the photos, in a signature monochromatic look. Beyoncé included one photo of herself. The tea party snaps also include Photoshopped bunnies and tea pots, making this possibly the most arty and hippest series of celeb-shared photos to grace the Internet in a while. While Photoshop is becoming increasingly common in celebrities and their personally shared photos — and is practically expected with certain stars — Beyoncé’s kitschy use of photo-editing stands out from the usual leg-shaping and wrinkle smoothing. No doubt Beyoncé’s hive of fans will continue to pine after her seemingly dreamy life.