Miles Kane, Lisa Manoban

SLIMANE FANS: Musicians — many taking a break from the summer festival circuit to scout for their next outfits — dominated the front row of the Celine men’s show on Sunday night.

K-pop star Lisa Manoban, the front woman of Blackpink, warmed up quickly to her neighbor, Miles Kane, who had popped over to Paris for the show. The two-day jaunt was a little “in and out job,” and a short reprieve from tour duty, which he considers “the best job in the world.”

“I live for it. If it’s in your soul, you just do it,” he said.

Naomi Greene was headed to the south of France for the next leg of her tour with Laurent Voulzy, “a very sweet man,” she enthused, and noting that she thought he picked her for the tour partly because their music styles differed so much.

She posed with Lewis Lazar from the Oracle Sisters, who will be releasing a new single this summer called “Spotlight” in which, he said, “the woman is a muse and brings new life.”

Film stars held their own among amid all those rockers. Sitting next to Finnegan Oldfield, Romain Duris revealed his next project: The young hero of the “Auberge Espagnol” film — called “Pot Luck” in English — will portray Gustave Eiffel in the upcoming biopic directed by Martin Bourboulon.

“He was very likable, we’ll have to see what level of intimacy we project for the character,” Duris said. “He was very ambitious.”