Brandon Flowers performs at the Emporio Armani Sounds series.

The Killers front man and solo singer Brandon Flowers, who performed Thursday at the Emporio Armani Sounds Los Angeles event, sat down with WWD before his six-song set to chat about religion, Twitter anxiety and why he’ll never leave Las Vegas.

WWD: You released your second solo album, “The Desired Effect,” last year. What music are you working on right now?
Brandon Flowers: The Killers are back in writing….It’s a process. You never know, maybe we’ll be back in L.A. for 2018 Grammys.

WWD: What current artists are you listening to now?
B.F.: I like Kurt Vile and this band Dawes from L.A. I don’t follow bands on social media, but sometimes I check out peoples’ tweets just to compare because we are terrible tweeters. I am a terrible tweeter. We don’t tweet enough. I notice everyone else tweets more, so I need to up my game on that.

WWD: You’ve decided to base your family in your hometown of Las Vegas and raise your three boys there. How come, when you travel so much and could live in any music capital?
B.F.: I can’t really explain it. Some people just get attached to places. I grew up with a lot of people who weren’t attached to it — listening to friends in high school talking about getting out, there’s no culture, and this and that. I’ve been lucky and gotten to see the world, and it made me more fond of [home]. There’s a great Tom Waits song that goes, “I never saw my hometown till I stayed away too long.” I realized how much [Las Vegas] was a part of me when I went other places. I don’t want to change, I like what I am and the way I talk and the way I walk. I have a tendency to want to pass that on to my kids, for better or for worse.

WWD: You’ve also said your Mormon faith has kept you grounded.
B.F.: Yes. It wasn’t controversial when I was growing up, but it seems to be starting to become a little bit. I don’t think the world’s against it, but it’s shifting and it doesn’t change what I believe in. I definitely want my kids to be exposed to it. We should all just see each other as brothers and sisters as opposed to these separate things we believe in.

WWD: What has your first experience working with Armani been like?
B.F.: We have an Emporio Armani in The Forum Shops [at Caesars Palace] in Las Vegas, so I was able to go down and pick out a suit especially for tonight. I used to work in The Forum Shops — I was a busboy at Spago — so I used to walk by the store before I would have been able to afford anything in there, so it’s strange going in there and getting fitted for a suit. I felt a little like “Pretty Woman.”

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