Before Brie Larson took home the Academy Award for best lead actress for her portrayal in the indie film “Room” last year, she told WWD that it was “too soon to tell” whether being in the Oscar spotlight would open new doors for her. Sure enough, a new door has opened for the talented young actress, and it’s a big one: Marvel Entertainment has tapped Larson to join their growing stable of superheroes and lead the company’s first female-driven film as Air Force Officer Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced her casting at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend.

Larson shared the news with her social media followers, posting a photo of herself wearing a black baseball hat emblazoned with the Marvel logo on Twitter and Instagram. “Call me Captain Marvel,” she wrote.

Based on the reactions in her comment section on Instagram, fans feel overwhelmingly positive about the news. “Congratulations! I can’t think of a better actress for the role,” wrote one user, while another fan added “I’m so happy your #CaptainMarvel. I was hoping it would be you; I can not wait for the movie you are a phenomenal actress and you are going to be amazing in this role!” For her part, the newly minted superhero is fitting into the Marvel Universe nicely — Lupita Nyong’o shared a group Comic-Con photo of the Marvel ladies (which include Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Tilda Swinton and Zendaya), which Larson was quick to retweet.

“Captain Marvel” is looking at an early 2019 release according to the film’s IMDB page, but rumors have been circulating that Larson may sooner appear in the Carol Danvers role in “Avengers: Infinity War — Part I.” One thing is for sure, though: with all of the exposure, Larson will continue to appear at fashion events and on carpets donning big-name fashion credits.