Broderick HunterEFM show, Fall Winter 2018, New York Fashion Week Men's, USA - 06 Feb 2018

A simple comment on an Instagram post ultimately led Broderick Hunter to a role on Issa Rae’s “Insecure.” Now, the model-slash-actor has his eyes set on the superhero realm, but first, he’s bringing fashion to Nigeria.

While in New York for fashion week, Hunter, who is a brand ambassador for Perry Ellis, stopped by WWD’s offices to talk about his work in fashion (he’s been modeling for six-and-a-half years), how he ended up on “Insecure” and his upcoming trip to Nigeria.

On direct-messaging Issa Rae: “The first season, Issa was getting a lot of buzz with [‘Insecure’] and I had written a comment saying, ‘Hey this is an awesome show, keep up the good work.’ She liked the comment and then she followed me back. A few months passed and I wrote her a DM and said, ‘Hey, really love the show, keep up the good work, you’re inspiring us as a people.’ She didn’t even know I DM’d her. We’re skipping ahead to a year-and-a-half later, when season two starts taping, and she reaches back out to me and is like, ‘I didn’t even see this message, I’m a huge fan of you, too, I want to bring you on the show.’ I was like, oh snap. So I auditioned and ended up on ‘Insecure.'”

On the time he crashed a Dsquared2 casting:When I was 20, it was my first time in Milan and I was going up against almost every superstar that I looked up to, every possible person that I’d been following. I had booked a really big show for a major designer and I got pulled from the show and it broke my heart. I was show-less and then I crashed a Dsquared2 casting and they put me on hold, they released me, but then they said, ‘Bring him back, we want to see him again.’ So I came back, ended up booking the show and from that show, I ended up in Ciara’s ‘Sorry’ video cause she was at the show.”

On bringing fashion to Nigeria: “I’m going to Nigeria, where my distant family’s from, in two months and I’m gonna do some charitable work out there. We’re trying to bring fashion to Nigeria. We have a few organizations I’m partnering with, a few other brands, but we’re trying to bring clothes, shoes and everything to a few places out there where they lack that and then actually put on fashion shows.”

On trying to be a superhero: I will play a superhero before I die. That’s why I’m really excited to see ‘Black Panther.’ Those are the type of things that I aspire to be, 10 years down the line, however long. That’s how I got this whole scar on my cheek. I was trying to be a Power Ranger when I was six and I jumped off the bed, I did a flip and I cut my cheek open. It didn’t hurt, but yeah. That’s the story of my cheek: trying to be a superhero as a young boy.”

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