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PARIS — “It looks like Caesars Palace, only real,” one of Pharrell Williams‘ DJ pals remarked as they pulled up in front of the gilded Petit Palais Sunday night, where Louis Vuitton had its fashion show and a party to celebrate its new Champs-Elysées flagship. No wonder, with giant projectors giving the landmark a monogrammed, fairy-tale look. Inside, there were plenty of visual delights, with the most celebrity-packed front row of fashion week — Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Catherine Deneuve and Gillian Anderson among them — plus a bare-naked-ladies installation by artist Vanessa Beecroft.

“Did you notice they had wigs on their you-know-whats?” quipped Salma Hayek, who circled the exhibit sipping her champagne. “They look bored except for the blonde one. She’s working it!”

Dita Von Teese, meanwhile, prefers her glass half empty: It’s much easier to dance in. She gave a racy striptease performance in an oversized champagne coupe — but that still wasn’t enough to get her into the VIP room. Her fiancé, Marilyn Manson, ran interference and waved her in, though. “It’s always the same once you get in there — it sucks,” she concluded.

Winona Ryder, overwhelmed by the crowds — both at the earlier in-store cocktail and the party — scolded the Italian paparazzi on their lack of manners. “I tried to be really tough,” she giggled, showing her fists. She even managed to slip away from camera-wielding Eva Herzigova, who was snapping photos for Vanity Fair. “It’s so hard to get them to pose for you,” Herzigova sighed. She ultimately snagged Ryder with Nadja Auermann.

Then it was time to report to the dance floor for a performance by Williams, where Eve cheered, “That’s sick, that’s sick!” Earlier in the evening, Williams was asked about his giant medallion necklace. “I have lots of jewelry,” he said, letting the news slip that he has teamed up with Marc Jacobs on a jewelry and luggage project for the coming year. “Louis Vuitton has shown me a lotta love,” he purred.

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