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Bella Hadid is a girl on-the-go.

The 20-year-old model, dressed in a gold pantsuit, turned out to the Max Mara Madison Avenue store reopening event on Friday evening following a day of shows including Jason Wu and Brandon Maxwell.

Fashion week is good so far, it’s only the second day for me. I’m getting in the rhythm. I’m tired but I’m trying to get my rest — trying to keep it slow and steady,” the model and face of the brand’s handbag collection said from the backseat of her chauffeured SUV, about to be whisked off to her next event.

With all eyes on her, Hadid has established ancillary measures to ensure that she stays grounded throughout the week. “You know, I think that it’s a roller coaster, but to feel normal I just keep my best friends around me. One of my best friends since I’ve been 14 is just coming with me to a couple of things that I do throughout the day, which definitely helps me a lot. It keeps me grounded. If I look at her it keeps me calm. So, yeah, it’s just about being with my family, riding my horses — that’s basically all I do to keep normal,” she said.

Hadid, who has made well-publicized appearances at anti-Trump rallies in the last few months, noted that the Trump Presidency has changed the mood surrounding fashion week — putting the industry’s true priorities into perspective. “I’ve definitely felt it — it’s been a lot slower. I think everyone is the positive [version of] on-edge. Not like everyone is yelling; it’s more that people are taking a look around and realizing we all have to be diverse, we all have to be kind to each other. Eyes are opening, which is I think is great. I think the pace will start catching up by Milan and Paris.”