Chanel Imam Teva Styling Suite

Model Chanel Iman has been coming to Coachella since before she was old enough to have a beer garden wristband, and she’s among the beautiful people who festival style photographers can count on each year to come dressed to the nines (Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth and Karlie Kloss are a few others).

On Wednesday afternoon, Iman hosted the Teva Festival Fashion Styling Suite at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood. Decked out in a striped Petar Petrov jacket, matching palazzo pants, an Alexander Wang crop top and Teva Original Universal sandals, Iman gave the once-crunchy footwear a new spin. She also took a few minutes to tell WWD about her Coachella fashion game plan.

Chanel Imam Teva Styling Suite

Chanel Imam at Teva’s Styling Suite.  Chelsea Lauren

WWD: What festival footwear do you have your eye on right now?
Chanel Iman:
I really love the Teva Original Sandal Fringe because they are fashionable yet fuctional. Coachella is all about the fringe, and all my shoe choices are very comfortable because it’s an all-day event. I also like the Flatform Universal Mirrored Metal style because it’s a little more fashion-forward. It gives you height but it’s still a flat.

WWD: What’s your favorite thing about Coachella?
I just love the vibes at Coachella; it’s such good energy and positive. You can be free to be yourself, listen to good music, eat good food and make good memories with friends.

WWD: What’s your festival fashion game plan?
I pack light and plan ahead of time which looks I’ll wear each day because the last thing you want is to have to figure out what to wear when you could be spending time at the festival.

WWD: How do you describe your festival style?
 I just go for desert Coachella vibes — mismatched pieces that kind of work together. Since it’s so hot I don’t like layers. I like shorts, skirts, crop tops and dresses that are light and flowy. I also like denim and swimwear is nice sometimes, going off to pool parties. And I always have some accessories for the hair because Coachella style is about the full look.

WWD: What about your accessories?
I try to keep it simple and light. I don’t even like bags. If I do carry one, it’s a little backpack so I can let loose. I don’t like to swing a purse around.

WWD: How many suitcases do you pack for the weekend?
Just one big one.

WWD: I think the first time we photographed you at Coachella you wore some serious stilettos.
C.I.: (Laughs). Once I wore heels and I was torturing myself the whole day. Now it’s all about comfort and I will never do that again.

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