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WWD Music issue 09/04/2008

Chris Brown’s look has evolved over time.

While most people collect fashion accessories like shoes and jewelry, Chris Brown collects tattoos. With 18 total, including Jesus, a hand holding a “C” and stars behind his ear, the young pop singer feels that tattoos and fashion go hand in hand  and only add to his overall sense of style.

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“I think my tattoos make me different in a way,” says Brown. “It allows me to not always play by or follow the rules.”

Brown’s urban preppy look isn’t something that came about overnight. Since he broke  onto the music scene in 2005 with his first single, “Run It,” Brown admits that his style has evolved.

Brown says he’s multifaceted in terms of his grasp of fashion, alternating between a mix of hoodies and low-riding designer jeans and tailored suits.

“I used to wear a lot of big, oversize clothes, but now I’m more into fitted outfits and I try to stand out from the crowd instead of blending in,” he says.

The same can be said of Brown’s music. He plays with urban and old-school R&B, and mixes acoustic guitars and tender vocals with hardhitting hip-hop.

At 19, the Virginia native has already been nominated for three Grammy awards, put out two albums and appeared in two movies. He is now getting ready to start filming his third film, “The Heist,” with Matt Dillon and T.I. Other projects include a Wrigley’s commercial and a limited edition hat line he designed for New Era, coming  out this fall.

While most artists hire stylists to help them stay on top of trends, Brown finds himself just “going with the flow” and not trying to do too much.

But Brown clearly knows his fashion, and has no problem naming his favorite designers and labels, including Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Nike, Taverniti, Dolce & Gabbana and Bottega Veneta.

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