Heloise Letissier (Christine and the Queens)Acne Studios Show, Front Row, Paris Fashion Week Men's, France - 19 Jan 2020

FASHION QUEEN: Sitting front row at the Acne Studios women’s show at the Carrousel du Louvre on Sunday, singer Chris of Christine and The Queens was thinking about another illustrious musical artist to have invaded the Louvre.

“Beyoncé’s video was pretty brilliant because it was also a way to comment on what museums choose to show and what story they decide to tell,” said the singer, whose real name is Héloïse Letissier, in reference to “Apeshit,” the video the singer shot in the Musée du Louvre. She confided that her next project won’t take place in a museum, but will also be a way to occupy a space with music.

Letissier reminisced about her latest collaboration: “Gone” with American artist Charli XCX.

“She can write a hit in ten minutes, she’s pretty impressive,” she said. “Do you know she released her first album at 15 years old? I’ve always been a fan of hers.”

Letissier is something of a queer icon, switching between gender representations depending on her projects and moods. While she was spotted at the Jacquemus show wearing a trailing dress, at Acne Studios her square-shouldered suit had a Ziggy Stardust vibe.

“You just have to follow what you feel like,” shrugged the artist. “I think I want to wear dresses a bit more at the moment because I feel more comfortable with an androgynous type of femininity. It’s something I choose to do depending on my mood, but I’ll admit it stays exceptional. I like the surprise effect. Today for example, I feel like David Bowie.”

The singer looked down at the place card on the seat next to her. “Is the real Robyn going to be here?” she marveled.

Sure enough, the Swedish singer turned up moments before the show started and the pair started chatting. As a Swedish national, does Robyn feel compelled to support Swedish designers in her work?

“I think that Acne is doing so well that they don’t need my support,” laughed the “Dancing On My Own” singer. “I know a lot of people who work for them, including the person who did the show’s set today, so I feel like a have a personal connection to them. It’s so nice to see a company that’s neither big nor small, they are just in between and keeping their integrity.”

Ambiance at Acne Studios MenÕs Fall 2020, photographed in Paris on Jan 19, 2020.

Robyn at Acne Studios  Stephane Feugere for WWD

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