Christopher Mercer, 25, better known as Rusko, is the pioneer of dubstep, a type of sound widely popular in Europe which Mercer describes as “heavy bassline, party music.” He also co-produced M.I.A.’s latest album with his frequent collaborator DJ Switch, and recently revealed that he’ll be working with Britney Spears on her next record.


“The plan this year is just to take over,” says the British Mercer after his gig earlier this year at the Coachella Music Festival. “People in America are so excited about dubstep right now, so I am poised and ready.”


Nicknamed for his affection for Rusk biscuits, Mercer started out playing saxophone, guitar and the piano, but once he started recording his own tunes, he quickly turned to DJing.


While Coachella concluded his current tour, Mercer doesn’t plan on taking a break. His next album, called “O.M.G.,” is out now and he still has Spears’ success to pin down. But he plans to make time for family visiting in his newly adopted hometown of Los Angeles.


“I am going for walks in Griffith Park with my mum,” he says.

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