Ciara with young women from I Am That Girl at Keds' Women's Equality Day event.

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, Keds on Thursday called on singer Ciara to host a chapter meeting for the “I Am That Girl” organization in Santa Monica. After sitting on the floor to speak to a group of young women about empowerment and self-esteem, the wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, dressed in Rag & Bone denim and white Triple Decker Keds, spoke with WWD about her roles as mentor, mom, and being inspired by Hillary Clinton, Simone Biles and Jennifer Lopez.

WWD: What made you get involved today?
I’ve been working with Keds for over a year now. What I love about their campaign is the Ladies First mantra. There’s something really amazing and powerful about them being one of the first brands to create accessible and stylish shoes for women. It’s very powerful. The message and history in that is pretty cool because it’s not only about the shoe, but embracing how you can do whatever you dream of as a woman. It’s one thing to wake up every day and be able to perform and travel around the world and do all that amazing stuff, but it’s even cooler to take time with young girls and help build them and share my wisdom and things that I’ve been through to maybe help them and make a difference in any way possible.

WWD: What’s been a moving women’s moment in history for you?
There’s been so many. Hillary running for president is major. It speaks to what we’re talking about today. I’ve always been a believer that you’re not blocked by your color, your gender. It’s up to you and what you want to do in life. She’s a great example of that. There’s also Simone Biles who has amazing achievements. There’s another Simone, [swimmer] Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky who broke the world record.

WWD: What’s been a defining moment where you were able to embrace your womanhood?
I don’t like saying my age, but I’m hitting the big 3-0. I’m going to make it sound cool. You hear all these ladies talk about how when you turn 30 it’s going to be really good, the best time. And really, it is. It’s my most clairvoyant time in life as a woman and it’s been awesome. You have a better grip on your wisdom that you gain throughout life and you feel a bit more settled with your position in the world and making decisions.

WWD: What are some things that you do everyday?
Being a mom [to two-year-old Future] It’s huge for me. Every day I also get so excited waking up to be a wife. Being there for my family. You get to feel what you bring to the table. I think men bring something to the table and we bring something to the table. Also having to run my business. It’s all those things in one.

WWD: And how do you manage it all being a mom to a small child and a wife?
I’m a big dreamer and believer. And it really is about balance. I map out my life as it pertains to personal and my career. I’m committed to all of those things and because of that I designed my world to make sense for all of it. It’s very eventful and I couldn’t see it any other way. I like waking up playing with my little one, feeding him, putting him to bed after I’ve had a long day of work or giving him a bath. There’s something really satisfying about being able to do it all. I feel really empowered. I feel like Superwoman.

WWD: What projects are you working on now?
I’m working on my new album and I’m taking my time. It’s important that I express my vision. It’s super exciting. I’m just making sure I take my time to do it right for my fans.

WWD: What female artists are on your radar right now?
I’ve always been a huge fan of Alicia Keys. I think all of the women are rocking— Beyoncé, Rihanna. I love Andra Day. J.Lo, she’s hot. If I could just look as good as that…she’s killing it to me.

WWD: You’re also signed with IMG, so where do you see the modeling aspect leading in the future?
It’s another layer. I’m an entertainer first and foremost. That’s the thing that’s allowed me to do so many other things. And adding the fashion to my artistry was one of my goals. I’m not finished yet, there’s still so much more that I want to get involved with and do.

WWD: How has your style evolved throughout the years?
It’s been a fun fashion journey for me. I’ve always loved shoes, clothes, all the good stuff. In the beginning I didn’t know all that I do now about fashion. Fashion shows inspire you, give you clarity and help you create more in your vision. Beforehand, I might have combined a lot of the wrong things together and then you start to understand how to balance them. One of the best things that I’ve learned is don’t overthink. The first thing that comes to mind is usually always right with fashion, so have fun. Your fashion is an extension of you and your personality.

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