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LOS ANGELES — Monday night’s Citizens of Humanity party unfolded like a scene straight of out of “Moulin Rouge.” The cavernous lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was teeming with revelers when suddenly an alabaster-skinned chanteuse sporting a bee-stung pout and jeweled leotard descended upon the crowd, perched on a trapeze. The Citizens Band, led by model Karen Elson, then proceeded to regale the crowd with vintage standards and an original piece entitled “Je T’aime Scumbag.”

Mischa Barton wandered in with a gaggle of friends, including Rachel Bilson — no boys, though. “I’m just here to hang out with my girlfriends,” said the newly single Barton, showing off a lot of leg in her short shorts. “It’s too hot to wear jeans.”

Courtney Love, however, let the heat get to her. The chanteuse provided the evening’s drama when she fainted by the pool and was carted away in an ambulance.

Citizens of Humanity founder Jerome Dahan welcomed the whole raucous scene. “There are so many good friends here tonight, it feels like my living room. But then again, I could never really fit this many people in my living room.”

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