Coco Rocha at the Rick Owens show.

CAMP COCO: Among the unexpected first-time guests at the Rick Owens show on Thursday was a kohl-eyed Coco Rocha — wearing a dress by Victoria Hayes. She had walked in several of his shows “when I was little.”

“There are still a few shows where, actually, it’s my first time watching them,” said the model who was taking in her surroundings, with a woman with a giant mohawk part of the skyline. “I think I’m the interesting creature here, I’m not quite fitting in. When I was walking down here, people were like: ‘Are you going to the Rick Owens show?’ And I was, like, ‘Yes, I know,'” she said with a chuckle.

Rocha chatted about her Coco Rocha Model Camp initiative, which offers a course on “contracts and agencies and how girls can really work in this industry and have a successful career, including posing and runway.”

“I love it because it’s not women competing with each other, all of the groups of girls have been so empowering,” she said, adding that they were now up to 157 recruits. “It’s interesting, around the world, who wants to come to the camp. We’ve had women from Australia, Asia….”

On whether progress is being made in the industry, she said: “Since I started, yes, it definitely has. Is it at its best? No. Will it ever be? I don’t know, because the modeling industry has always had this interesting circle. Whenever we think things are going well, all of a sudden it flips, and we start going backwards,” added Rocha. “I’m hoping it won’t go that way because social media has such an impact. The industry doesn’t really have all of the say anymore, so who knows?

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