LOS ANGELES — Imagine if Sixties pop icon Nico was living in the city today and there were two of her. That’s a bit what it’s like watching Kite and Butterfly (Fly for short), L.A.’s latest Australian imports, perform. The show is as much about their style as it is about their sound. The 26-year-old identical twins and their band, She Said Yeah, will soon be in London putting the finishing touches on their first album with producer Nick Rhodes, due out in May. “What does Nick bring to our music? Sex, baby!” they say in unison, while holding court at a table in Les Deux Cafes, one of their regular haunts.

The twins arrived in Los Angeles a couple of years ago via London, Berlin and Paris, where they lived in hotels and played with two acoustic guitars and a harmonica. “We have always painted and drawn,” says Kite. “A couple of years ago, our mom gave us a guitar and we started putting our poetry to music. When we came here we just wanted to get on stage and rock and roll. Fortunately we found three guys to make a band.”

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“Now all we do is drink and smoke and write music,” her sister adds. “Does a band do anything else but that?”

Of course, they’re also busy making a stylish impression at various parties around town, dressed in their own quirky homemade creations. So it’s no surprise that their music is influenced by — what else? — fashion. “We get our inspiration as much from other music as movie stars, fashion, everything,” says Fly.

In fact, people often mistake them for stylists or designers. “We get that all the time. We never like wearing anything that anyone else wears,” says Kite.

“And I actually made this skirt tonight,” adds Fly, pointing to her miniscule, spray-painted denim skirt edged with safety pins and lace. “This was one of the things holding my curtains together.”

“Actually,” says Kite, “that was my favorite skirt and Fly got a hold of it and cut it short enough for only her to wear, since I am taller.”

“Nothing is mine and nothing is hers,” Fly determines, “apart from her dirty fishnets!”

They even share one purse and one cell phone.

“Guys find that a little weird,” Kite admits. “We tell each other about the messages they leave. We are kind of strange like that. It’s a twins thing.”

But apparently the twins had two of their fellow musicians, 18-year-olds Taylor Locke and Louie Stephens of the band Rooney, enthralled. “We went to the prom with them,” says Fly. “They were too scared to ask us at first so they called us from a cell phone at a record signing and yelled ‘Will you go to the prom with us?’ I don’t remember what we wore, but it was something lacy and short.”

Alas, love didn’t strike at the prom. “Since we were little, we’ve loved girly princess clothes, and waiting for our princes to arrive,” says Kite. “But right now, we’d be happy with one prince.”

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