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Last Tuesday, 290 of the social (and cash) register contingent in Houston celebrated the opening of the new Dior store at The Galleria, honoring Becca Cason Thrash’s contributions to Best Buddies International, a charity for people with neuro-developmental disabilities.

“I called all my girlfriends to say they had to buy something Dior for this event,” Thrash proclaimed. Consequently, sales exceeded expectations.

“I never would have spent $10,000 for a dress to wear to a store opening in a mall,” said Debra Grierson, “But because Becca’s having a dinner after at her house, I could justify it.” (It was a Mexican buffet.)

In the crowd were such Houston fixtures as Maria and Neil Bush, Lisa Holthouse, Melissa Mithoff, Cathy Echols, Diane Lokey Farb, Cynthia Petrello, and the recently divorced Lisa Frantz, who was hoping her black, backless gown might attract a new husband.

“I’m using the ‘CD’s of Christian Dior as my new logo,” Frantz said. “Currently Dating.”

In San Francisco shortly before, Vanessa Getty and Denise Hale made a dazzling entrance at the gala opening night of the San Francisco Symphony.

“Denise is my date,” gloated Getty to fellow guests Urannia Ristow, OJ Shansby and Tatiana Sorokko.

Sorokko, just back from a summer spent cruising the Adriatic with husband Serge, chose a Christian Dior ballgown from 1951. “We dove for sea urchins and swam beneath the full moon,” Sorokko said. “Now I’ve got to get serious.”