NEW YORK — Laced into her little size 6 rollerskates, Cooler Kids’ singer Sisely Treasure looks like a baby Björk — all pale skin, high cheekbones and black hair. At the band’s record release party for “Punk Debutante” on Thursday at the Roxy, she sailed around on old-school wheels with élan, though her bandmate, DJ Kaz Gamble, wasn’t so spry. It didn’t matter. By the end of the night, the duo had the whole crowd rolling to their funk-infused disco tunes.

And at the front of that roller line was the Heatherette crew, headed up by Richie Rich and Traver Rains. Rich showed off the tricks he picked up while skating with the Ice Capades. “I think their music is perfect,” he said. “It’s summery and it’s the kind of music you put on and have a good time to.”

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In the last few months, the Heatheretters have welcomed Treasure and Gamble into their club-kid fashion camp, designing special outfits for them, including Treasure’s stage ensemble, a zany strapless dress with sequins and sparkle details.

“I love it,” gushed Treasure of Heatherette’s eccentric creation. “Nothing’s outlandish to us.” The Heatherette team, meanwhile, was easily inspired by the Cooler Kids’ funked-up vibe.

“They’re no-holds-barred,” said Rich. “They want to wear the craziest things we concoct.” Some of the looks designed for Treasure will make their way into Heatherette’s next spring collection.

But Gamble’s look is just as distinctive. His style is “old lady and old man, south Florida golfer,” Treasure says. “He’s so out of style, he’s in style.”

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