While the shows inside the tents on Sixth Avenue have come off mostly without a hitch, the New York fashion week-related parties weren’t so perfectly pitched.

The soiree that Donovan Leitch threw at the Buddha Bar the other night for his band Nancy Boy was so stuffed that countless trendies got left out in the cold.

The next day, in SoHo, Leitch sprayed the outdoor crowd at the X-girl street fashion show with champagne. Even though it was a little chilly out, Ione Skye, Kim Gordon and Sofia Coppola all wore X-Girl neon T’s and minis, and got a little damp. Even Linda Evangelista and Kyle MacLachlan turned up, but didn’t stay long. “I’ve got to go and have my roots done,” Linda announced.

The next evening, after part of the tent collapsed at Maria Snyder’s show, the designer kicked back at Buddha Bar at a party more intimate than Leitch’s.

“I’m a little zonkers,” said Snyder. “I designed and made this whole collection in only three weeks, so I haven’t had much sleep.”

One Snyder insider, “Law and Order” actor Chris Noth, loved the spectacle of it, “half of which seemed to take place before the show even starts, with everyone looking around to see who’s who and what’s up. It’s the same in Broadway, really; that’s why I still believe in dressing for the theater.”

Noth was back in his own milieu last night for the premiere of “Naked in New York” at Iridium, in which he gets beaten up by Kathleen Turner. “I thought it was just going to be a stage slap,” he said of his on-screen encounter with Turner. “But she really hauled off and decked me.”

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