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Bulls’ heads are probably not the first image that comes to mind when one thinks of Stefano Pilati‘s chic, gamine dresses for Yves Saint Laurent, but at the Guggenheim’s Young Collectors Council Artist’s Ball Thursday evening, the two coexisted in peace. To honor the designer and artist Philippe Parreno, the museum’s spherical first floor was decked out in wall-to-wall shades of crimson, with a towering centerpiece topped by a herd of horned animals, around which a bevy of elegantly attired ladies, including Amanda Brooks, Lisa Airan, Amanda Hearst, Susan Fales-Hill, Alexis Bryan, Alex Kramer and Jacqueline Sackler, swanned about. Pilati was the first to admit it was a rather surreal pairing.

“I chose an artist who wasn’t necessarily the same as me,” he said of his decision to collaborate with Parreno on the event. As for the bulls, he remarked, with a sly smile: “It’s about virility. I am very about loving the female form, so virility is a perfect counterpoint.”

What with the bulls and the bright red decor, passion may have been on the minds of many (as one guest remarked, “It’s a boobie party”), but some, like actress Rachel McAdams, were actually there for the exhibits.

“I feel badly saying it, but I’m really here for the art. I can’t wait to walk around. My best friend’s really into oil paintings,” she explained. The starlet was in town for the previous night’s New York premiere of her film, “The Family Stone,” and was visiting the Guggenheim for the first time before leaving the next day. “I’m going back to Canada tomorrow — if it doesn’t snow.”

As the night wore on, the party became increasingly packed. Airan, who will head to Phuket for the holidays, made an early departure, explaining: “It’s too crowded.” Theodora Richards arrived with mother Patti Hansen in tow, but was so eager to leave she tried to exit through a coat check door.

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The tight quarters even got to those accustomed to constant attention. Linda Evangelista fretted about her flashbulb ops, chastising one photographer for zooming in too close.

“Why do you keep taking pictures of me like that?” she whined.

She wasn’t the only one in the spotlight. Lauren Bush, hair done up and decked out in a long pale blue gown, readied herself to pose for a not-so-discreet photo shoot for Vogue.

Out West, it was a movie and dinner with another fashion designer, Francisco Costa. Following the red-carpet premiere of “Rumor Has It” across the boulevard at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Costa and co-hosts Rachel Zoe and Lisa Love entertained Maria Bello, Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer, Marley Shelton, Gina Gershon, Josh Duhamel and about 40 other friends at the Dakota chophouse inside the Roosevelt Hotel. “I’m here, there, everywhere,” purred Chloë Sevigny, crossing through on the way to meeting a couple of friends whose table happened to be right next to the dinner party.

“Look, I’m still wearing my makeup from work,” squealed Lindsay Lohan, not that the smoky eyes didn’t perfectly suit her bugle-beaded second-skin dress. Costa and Camilla Belle engaged in a lively exchange — in Portuguese, no less (Belle’s mom is from Brazil).

After the late-night supper of oysters, steak and macaroni shells and cheese, Costa was ready for more action. And so he crossed the lobby with Zoe, Lohan, Belle and others in tow to close the night at Amanda Scheer-Demme‘s private club, Teddy’s, where Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirsten Dunst, Jacqui Getty, Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes were already in full holiday spirit.

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