On December 20, 1995, longtime WWD correspondent Aileen Mehle, under her “Suzy” column, wrote about holidays and royal weddings — indeed, two of the hottest topics today. “In London,” she began, “they’re making book that Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest, will soon marry Sophie Rhys-Jones, with a spring date currently favored by many of the nobility and the elite. God knows what the proletariat has in mind. Still — stop the presses! — there are those who insist that as Sophie is reportedly letting her hair grow, maybe the merger will not take place until July, when her blonde locks will be long enough to sweep under a veil and a tiara. I have now heard everything, and I’m sure you feel the same way. Come what may, there will always be an England.”

As for the yuletide party scene, Mehle advised, “Wreak social havoc while you can. Don’t worry that little old January may be a party desert. Little old Jan will just have to take care of itself when the time comes.” Among the bashes she covered: the Trophée des Arts Gala by French Institute Alliance Française, hosted by the “witty and off the wall” Kevin Kline; Alice Mason parties where Carolyne Roehm and Nina Griscom Baker “sparkled” and a Mortimer’s event in honor of Princess Ira von und zu Furstenberg. “It was some kind of blast,” wrote Mehle of the Furstenberg fete, “with everyone dancing away like cuckoo and finally joining a conga line, which may seem a bit on the retro side but is enjoying a vogue again in these devil-may-care nights.”

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