Demi Lovato wears Fabletics

Pop star Demi Lovato, who entered the fashion arena with a collection for Fabletics earlier this year, sat down with WWD in Los Angeles to discuss her second collection for the activewear brand, which makes its debut today. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer also dished on her favorite workouts and her forthcoming album, which was inspired by her reaching the quarter-century milestone.

WWD: How did you hook up with Fabletics?
Demi Lovato: I went to the Met Gala for the first time last year and I remember feeling kind of like, “I don’t know why I am here” because I wear workout clothes every day. And my manager said, “Why don’t we do something that’s more authentic to you?” and then this came about.

WWD: Did you know Kate Hudson before?
D.L.: Kate and I actually met in the gym in New York. She was doing this arm workout and I was like, “Can I join?” and we just got along really well and actually ended up starting to work out together. She was supersweet and we clicked. When they came to me with the opportunity and I couldn’t turn it down. It really is what I wear every day and it’s still fashion, but it’s just in my own vision.

WWD: Was it daunting designing your own collection?
D.L.: Not at all. It was actually really exciting for me because I love fashion, but I just don’t dress up every day. So for me this is perfect because I work out every single day except for Sundays and I am always in workout wear and ath-leisure, as you call it. When I travel, my bag is 70 percent workout clothes.

WWD: Before designing this line, what were you looking for in the market?
D.L.: I had seen a lot of yogawear and lots of yoga pants and those tend to be lighter colors and kind of the more zen. I wanted something a bit edgier and younger, something I would want to wear every day.

WWD: What silhouettes are in the line?
D.L.: There are certain silhouettes I like on myself — jackets like this, leggings. I don’t wear shorts a lot, so I put those in for other people. There are these pants and shorts that have an elastic band that wraps around your waist. It’s very flattering and it just gives it a little something more. It’s just an edgier look to it.

I wanted everything to be functional and to look great on people of all sizes. That’s what’s important to me. You also have the opportunity to just wear a sports bra and leggings or you can put a jacket or tank or sweatshirt over it and still look cute. There’s lots of layering pieces.

WWD: What are your favorite pieces in the collection?
D.L.: My favorite pieces in this one are the criss-cross bra, the zip-up hoodies and I love the bright pink.

WWD: What can you tell us about the third collection?
D.L.: We’ve got some rose gold, which I’m really excited about. This might be my favorite collection, but I say that about every one.

WWD: What kinds of workouts do you prefer?
D.L.: I do MMA [mixed martial arts] so I will train for whatever it is. Today I did jujitsu and strength training, but other days I will do kickboxing, muay thai. It’s just a matter of what I have on the schedule. Some days I just do cardio for an hour. I am not a yoga person. Whatever I do, it has to be extreme. I like higher-intensity workouts.

WWD: What’s your workout playlist?
D.L.: I listen to hip-hop while I’m working out.

WWD: Does having the right workout clothes help your workout?
D.L.: There’s something really liberating about feeling great in what you work out in because when you feel great in the gym, then you are just going to do a better job. You’ll feel more comfortable, which will allow you to push your limits.

WWD: What’s the latest with your music?
D.L.: I have been working on new music for about a year and a half and I am wrapping up my new album right now. I just released a single called “Sorry Not Sorry,” and I have a new single coming out really soon.

WWD: What inspired your new album?
D.L.: I’ve had a lot of life experience over the last year and a half and I’ve grown a lot. I’ve found myself more so than I ever have. The inspiration is about being independent and turning 25 and living on my own and the emotions I deal with as a single woman in my 20s. It’s more soulful.