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Lip gloss had premium currency at Dior Beauty’s annual dinner at Chateau Marmont Thursday night, which drew a slew of starlets from Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, Alexis Dzeina and Ginnifer Goodwin at one end of the table, to Kate Walsh, Angie Harmon, Bryce Dallas Howard and Odette Yustman at the other. “I forgot mine, so this is actually exactly where I want to be. And, this is much nicer than my old one,” said Hale, who dove into her goodie bag for the gloss. Meanwhile, Olivia Wilde chatted with Dior perennial Emmy Rossum about the ups and downs of Hollywood. “People don’t realize that some of us actually have to go on auditions, and that sometimes, you don’t get the job,” she sighed. As the more experienced actress at her end of the table, Goodwin counseled Collins and Dzeina on the finer points of the business. “I went to a clown class once. It did nothing for my career. Skip that one,” she told them.

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