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She appeared on the big screen in 2011 wearing an all-star wardrobe designed by Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen and Burberry, has collaborated with Opening Ceremony, MAC and Kate Spade, been a muse to Marc Jacobs and married Kermit in Vivienne Westwood.

This summer, Miss Piggy is back with her felt-y friends in “Muppets: Now” on Disney Plus. This time, the gang has gone digital, with a new streaming show about the making of a streaming show comprised of Quibi-sized bits, including Kermit’s “Mup Close and Personal” interview with RuPaul, “Okey Dokey Kookin” with the Swedish Chef and Roy Choi, and “Muppet Labs Field Test” science experiments with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker.

In the Seventies, Miss Piggy’s expansive TV wardrobe and “hiya!” chutzpah inspired a would-be fashion editor in her formative years (guilty). In the new world, she is a digital lifestyle influencer with the Muppets equivalent of an Instagram husband, Uncle Deadly, an appetite for sponcon, and a wardrobe that is still fabulous after all these years even if it isn’t high-end designer (this is streaming, not a blockbuster budget, after all).

In “Muppets Now,” which drops a new episode each Friday, the divine swine dons plenty of her trademark sparkle, satin gloves, statement necklaces and even some quarantine-appropriate sweatpants, while hosting lifestyle segments in which she tries face-slapping massages, hot yoga with Taye Diggs, and more, all in the name of beauty.

WWD chatted with Miss Piggy about the show, pandemic dressing and how she would make over her longtime amphibian amour, Kermit.

Miss Piggy stars in “Muppets Now” now streaming on Disney+.

Miss Piggy stars in “Muppets Now” now streaming on Disney Plus.  Courtesy of Disney

WWD: The Muppets have gone digital and you are a lifestyle influencer, naturally. Tell me about your show, “Lifesty.”

Miss Piggy: First, let’s get this straight: my show on “Muppets Now” is called “Lifestyle with Miss Piggy” — the “lifesty” thing was a mistake and will be fixed. It better be. Now where was I? Oh yes, it’s true moi have long been a “lifestyle influencer.” In fact, some suggest I invented the concept. Because, after all, who doesn’t want to be like moi? On “Lifestyle With Miss Piggy” I hobnob with the very smartest and best-looking people, like Linda Cardellini and Taye Diggs, to talk about how to be your best in love, life, health, diet, and everything else. It’s informative, entertaining and best of all, gives me lots of time to talk about myself.

WWD: You’ve got some fabulous clothes on the new show, including a pink-purple sequin dress and matching gloves. How would you describe Miss Piggy’s “Muppets Now” style? 

M.P.: It is incredible, isn’t it? I astonish myself with the varied range and overwhelming bedazzlement of my wardrobe. But, I know that my fans and followers expect the best from moi, and boy do I bring it. As for how I describe my style on “Muppets Now?” One word: Wow! Come to think of it, maybe we should change the name of the show to “Miss Piggy’s Muppets Wow.”

WWD: Do you have a stylist?

M.P.: Of course. In fact, I have a team of stylists, make-up artists and, of course, my personal assistant and majordomo, Uncle Deadly, who makes sure I never ever have the same look twice. It takes a lot of bookkeeping, but worth the effort. 

WWD: What are your favorite style signatures? (You seem to love long gloves and statement necklaces — how many do you have?).

M.P.: I love wearing long gloves, preferably lavender and accented by a humongous precious gemstone ring. I also adore pearls. (If I hear one person out there even “think” the word “swine,” things are going to get ugly.) For moi, style is all about making a statement and the statement I like to make is, “Hey, look at moi! Aren’t I fabulous?” As for how many necklaces I have, you’ll have to talk to Uncle Deadly, he’s in charge of auditing moi’s accessory inventory.

WWD: Who would be your dream fashion guest on “Lifesty?”

M.P.:  I have so many supermodel friends, it might be fun to have them on “Lifestyle With Miss Piggy.” But they always get so self-conscious about their looks when they’re side-by-side with moi. And, my dear friend RuPaul has already visited us, so that’s another dream realized. So, let’s put this out there: I’d love to have Vogue editor Anna Wintour on my program. Anna, call moi! You’re fabulous now, but bring us together and fashion will never be the same again. 

WWD: Maybe Vogue should hire you! You obviously have adapted fabulously to the digital world. What’s your advice for looking your best on Zoom?

M.P.: Only worry about what’s on-camera: an attention-grabbing blouse, dazzling jewelry and, of course, perfect hair and make-up. From the waist down: sweatpants and fuzzy slippers work just fine. (Just don’t get up in the middle of the meeting and go full frame. Awkward!)

WWD: How has the pandemic changed your approach to fashion?

M.P.: Like I said: when doing video calls, I only get dressed from the waist up. And when I go out wearing a mask, I only do make-up on the top half of my face. Saves hours of prep time.

WWD: It’s all about the eyes. Onto fashion, what is one trend you wish would go away?

M.P.: Corsets. Oh sure, they give one a certain hourglass figure when worn as a top, but I like to be able to inhale and exhale when I’m on the red carpet. Besides, if I want something to hug me that tight, I’ll date a professional wrestler.

WWD: We wouldn’t want that. Speaking of dates, what would you like to change about Kermit’s style?

M.P.: I’d have him wear clothes. Except for that silly collar, he usually wears nothing. Oh sure, being naked works for frogs, but there are so many missed opportunities to dress and accessorize him, as long as everything is wash-and-wear and waterproof.

WWD: On your show, you try a face-slapping massage. What other beauty treatments do you rely on to keep yourself looking tip-top?

M.P.: The mirror. There is nothing better for keeping one looking fabulous than a great mirror with perfect lighting. And if the image staring back at you isn’t perfect: get a new mirror!  And, of course, I eat chocolate, because I believe if you feel good, you’ll look good.  And chocolate makes me feel great!

WWD: How have you been keeping busy during quarantine — other than eating chocolate like the rest of us?

M.P.:  I video chat with my fellow Hollywood stars, and then together we binge watch my movies. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You’ll have to join us! But bring your own popcorn.

Miss Piggy stars in “Muppets Now” now streaming on Disney+.

Miss Piggy stars in “Muppets Now” now streaming on Disney Plus.  Courtesy of Disney

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