DJ Khaled, who is featured in Rocawear’s fall 2016 campaign, chatted with WWD from a stop on Beyoncé’s Formation tour in Los Angeles, where he was busy Snapchatting with fans and reminding everyone to #BlessUp.

WWD: What does the Rocawear deal mean to you?
DJ Khaled: I’m honored to be chosen. Growing up in the game, Rocawear has always been a major part of the culture and lifestyle of fashion and music, and that’s why this opportunity to be the face of the brand is important to me, and it feels great. When you’re rocking Rocawear, you’re rocking greatness. It’s quality, it’s fly and it’s part of my history that I’m excited to bring to my fans.”

WWD: What’s your relationship to fashion?

DJ K.: I’m a superfan of fashion. My family always taught me to be fly. My dad wore suits on a Sunday, to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If we went to Disney World, he’d wear a suit. It didn’t matter, he was always fresh-dipped.

WWD: How was your first fashion shoot?
DJ K.: It was great. I snapped to my fans; they got to watch me work. They love to see success because the fans know how hard I’ve worked to achieve these platforms and opportunities.

WWD: What’s your secret to social media success?
DJ K.: I used the platform to say, “I’m being me” and to promote nothing but good energy. If you go back in my career, I’m exactly the same person now that I was then. I’m just happy fans are embracing it, you know what I mean?

WWD: How’s your ninth album, “Major Key” coming along?
DJ K.: I’m in the studio now and we’re going to be announcing a summer release date any day now. I also have a record about to drop with Jay Z and Future. We shot the video already. It’s rare to have [Jay Z] in a video; it’s hard to get him to shoot his own videos, so I was like, “Wow, did I make it to another level?”

WWD: How do you keep such a positive outlook?
DJ K.: God is great. I believe in it all. If you’re working out with a clean purpose and some love, the more blessings you will receive. It’s sometimes hard to find the words. I can actually show you more than I can tell you. I show it through the music.