Golden Globes 2017: Hailee Steinfeld Vera Wang

In addition to coping with the nerves and excitement of a Golden Globes nomination, one very big stresser hangs over the glitzy evening: what to wear? Hailee Steinfeld, who was previously nominated for an Oscar for “True Grit,” will take to the carpet Sunday for her first Golden Globe nomination, for Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy for “The Edge of Seventeen.”

We chatted with Mariel Haenn who, together with Rob Zangardi, styled Steinfeld for her big Globes look.

WWD: Tell us about Hailee’s look for Sunday night.

Mariel Haenn: She’s wearing a custom Vera Wang gown, which is amazing. It is a dusty lavender color, it’s really light, it’s tulle, [and] it has a real dramatic long train.

WWD: How did you go about selecting the custom piece?

M.H.: We look at all the collections and we like to do custom, that way it’s something that nobody has seen before. Vera Wang has always been open to doing custom so we thought it was just the perfect moment. She sketched some ideas and we talked about previous dresses that we liked and potentially doing it in a different color. When she sent a sketch we sent it to Hailee and we all agreed that we loved it. They make it, they ship it to us, we do a fitting and we immediately knew that this was the right one, once she tried it on.

WWD: Does Hailee often do custom pieces for big events?

M.H.: This is the first time we’ve ever done custom with her. This is a special occasion, this is definitely a special moment — we figured that we should do a custom piece.

WWD: What does the day-of the Globes look like for you?

M.H.: Because we do fitting ahead of time, the day — knock on wood — generally goes pretty smoothly. We show up a couple hours before she’s going to leave, with the dress, all the underpinnings, the shoes, and because we already fit her we know that it works and are pretty much set; but we like to be there early to have discussions with hair and makeup about which directions to go. We set out jewelry and just sit around and wait for our turn. [Jewelry will be Forevermark] but we don’t know what exactly yet — but she doesn’t have pierced ears!

WWD: Do you carry an emergency kit to fittings day-of?

M.H.: Oh yes. We have a whole kit of underpinnings, all kinds of things especially because there are parts of the dress that are sheer, we have a sewing kit, needle thread, static guard, makeup sponges to remove makeup if something should happen — it’s a whole thing.

WWD: What other women are you dressing for the Globes?

M.H.: We have Lily Collins, who is also nominated in the same category; Jessica Biel, and Emily Ratajkowski.

WWD: How do you balance dressing four women for one big event, like this?

M.H.: Everyone has their own personality and body type and their own look, so it sort of happens organically. If we see a dress that we feel is better for one girl over the other, we make that decision at a fitting. There are times when things can cross over and work for anyone, but we need to know when it’s the right dress for the right girl. Emily has a little bit sexier [style] and she’s not nominated, so it makes sense that her dress isn’t as big as say, Lily or Hailee. And Jessica is going with Justin and so you take into consideration what everyone’s role is for the day.