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Elena Kampouris breaks out in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” starring as Paris, the 18-year-old daughter of Nia Vardalos and John Corbett, eager to break away from her overbearing Greek family.

Here, Kampouris dishes on all things Greek (she herself is half), gives her thoughts on weddings and tells WWD why her bulldog is in a shopping cart at Target. 

Best Greek beauty trick: “Lemon and olive oil for lightening and hydrating your hair.”

Favorite romantic comedy: “‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding,'” duh! But if that’s not good enough, then ‘As Good As It Gets.'”

Favorite Greek dish: Grilled octopus soaked in lemon with watermelon galore on the side.”

Coffee order: “Medium soy chai tea latte iced or hot, according to the weather.”

Favorite TV show: “It’s a tie between ‘Veep,’ ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl,’ and ‘Billy on the Street.'”

Last wedding you attended: “I’ve only been to one wedding in my life and that was a legit Greek wedding in Kefalonia with the halos, the plates, the bride entering on a donkey, the feasting, the dancing and all that jazz.”

Dream place to get married: “Greece, on the island of Santorini.”

Last movie you saw: “‘The Danish Girl.'”

Funniest place you’ve taken your dogs: “Target. Or shall I say, when she visits, it’s called ‘Tar-jhay.'”

Go-to shower song: “Fiona Sit’s Canto-pop music, specifically her track translated to ‘Which of Me.’ I love to sing in Cantonese.”

Current favorite song to play while in the car: “‘Primadonna” by my fellow Greek girl Marina and the Diamonds.”

Favorite place to visit in Greece: “Kasos, where my whole family is from. My great-pappou is responsible for expending his every last penny and dying a poor man in order to find fresh water for the island. There is a plaque and statue of him in the island’s village square. It’s my ancestral island and the most overlooked place in Greece by tourists.”

Anecdote from the movie most realistic in your life: “The scene where [my character] Paris’ family storms the college fair to support her is just like how my Greek family came in droves to the premiere for this movie. They invite themselves!”