Elisabeth Moss and Deborah Lloyd

“I don’t really go to a lot of fashion shows — I really don’t. It’s, like, not my thing.”

So said Elisabeth Moss backstage at the Kate Spade presentation Friday, having found her way through Grand Central Terminal to the Oyster Bar, where the collection was being presented. The actress, who made the show her one stop during NYFW before heading up to the Toronto International Film Festival, singled out the brand as one she actually wears.

“I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager. I remember buying a bag, thinking it was so cool. It was my ‘designer’ bag,” she said. “Honestly, I’ve always been very girly, but at the same time, I like things that are comfortable and you can wear and are functional. I actually buy Kate Spade. Part of the reason is they make a cute bag, but you can also put stuff in it. And they make cute shoes, but you can wear them in the city. It’s feminine and chic but not something where you’re like, ‘Well no one would actually wear this.’”

Despite an interest in fashion, Moss’ schedule keeps her away from NYFW — she is, after all, gearing up for the Emmys, at which she is nominated for “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“I was invited to my friend Prabal’s show, but I’ll be in Toronto doing TIFF — it’s always something like that,” she said. “I’m doing press for two days for ‘The Square’ at TIFF, I’m in prep for two days for ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ and then I go back for the Emmys and then we start shooting.”

The success of the show, though predicted by early buzz, was a surprise to Moss. “We just tried to make something that people liked and that could hopefully find a small audience, and that we’d get asked back to do another season,” she said of the show, which begins filming for season two in a week and a half. “What happened is above and beyond what anyone could ever dream of.”

In addition to starring, Moss is a producer and has been involved with the project since its early days.

“I’ve been involved since April 2016 — I was a producer for the first season and I’m an executive producer for the second season. There literally hasn’t been a break. We picked up the writer’s room while we were still locking picture on episodes on season one, and we just rolled right into season two. We’re working 70 to 80 hour weeks, there is a crew of 100 or so people, you’re shooting two episodes at a time, out of order — you don’t have time to get in your head about it. You have to keep moving forward and just do your job.”

Her next project is “Top of the Lake: China Girl,” which returns for a second season on Sunday four years after the first, this time with Nicole Kidman in the cast.

“It’s four years later and it really is four years later since we shot. My character has not had a good four years, it’s been really rough on her,” Moss said. “She’s back in Australia, in Sydney, and just like the first season there’s a crime. But this one is definitely intrinsically linked in a very personal way to her life.”

With the Emmys only a short ways off, Moss said she and stylist Karla Welch already have her red carpet look down for the big night. “Listen, Karla and I have been working together for so long that there’s a lot of short hand,” she said.

Before all the excitement at TIFF and the Emmys, though, she had Kate Spade to take in and a remaining few hours home in New York, with which she planned to “see my cats and my mom.”