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ON CAMERA: The crackling television screens that provided the backdrop for the Miu Miu show on Tuesday afternoon were a fitting setting for the cluster of leading ladies sitting front row.

Elle Fanning, a Miu Miu regular, is prepping for her first major “small-screen” role — as Catherine the Great in “The Great.”

Written by “The Favourite” scriptwriter Tony McNamara, the show, for which Fanning already shot the pilot episode, was recently picked up by Hulu for a full series.

“The stamina of doing a TV show, it will be very different to a film, it’s such an extended amount of time of growth for a character, I’m so excited,” Fanning said. “It’s a specific tone, I haven’t done a ton of comedy, so getting that timing and the dark comedy will be fun.”

Fanning also has two movies coming out, “Teen Spirit” and “Maleficent 2,” both of which she will be promoting, “which is fun, it’s dresses to wear for me,” she laughed.

British actress Jodie Comer, best known for her role as Villanelle in last year’s hit series “Killing Eve,” has landed her first major movie role. She will begin shooting Shawn Levy’s “Free Guy” in May alongside Ryan Reynolds.

“It’s my first feature film, which is nerve-wracking but amazing,” she said in a strong Liverpool accent that might surprise fans of the quirky series — set to return to screens for a second season this April — in which she plays a Russian assassin opposite Sandra Oh’s cynical detective.

“We’ll see how ‘Killing Eve’ goes again, hopefully I’ll be coming back for more trouble,” she said modestly.

Zazie Beetz is taking some downtime after wrapping several movie projects, including “Lucy in the Sky,” with Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm, and Todd Phillips’ “Joker,” and is working to assert herself more.

“I feel like I’ve been really feeling pulled and torn by other people’s interests and desires for me, and I’m feeling really drawn to homing in on my own gut and truly honoring that, and it’s making me feel really light and free in a way I haven’t really felt in a while,” she said.

One upcoming role she is signed up for and looking forward to is the return of her character Domino in the third movie in the “Deadpool” franchise, “X-Force,” although the time frame for filming has yet to be set.

“It’s nice reentering a family again when you’ve made something with a group of people, you do get very intimate and very close, you’re together 13, 14 hours a day for months,” she said. “Then you leave and you never see each other because you live on different coasts and you’re working, so it’s nice when you can come back together and dig deeper again into the characters. It ends up being a lot more fun usually.”

After shooting “Little Women,” due out at the end of 2019, Eliza Scanlen headed home Down Under to work on “Babyteeth” with Ben Mendelsohn and Essie Davis.

“I haven’t actually worked a lot in Australia, so having the opportunity to introduce myself to the Australian film community has been really lovely,” she said. “There’s a certain ease that comes from working at home and being surrounded by family and friends.”

Up next, she’s headed to Alabama to work on “The Devil All the Time,” directed by Antônio Campos.

“It’s a very complicated story, it spans across three generations, it’s kind of like a Southern gothic thriller horror, a lot of different things,” she said.