Emma Greenwell is joining the new guard of “television” with her Hulu show “The Path.” It’s the streaming service’s first hourlong program and follows the uprising of a religious cult. Greenwell plays Mary, a vulnerable young woman swept up in the teachings. Here, the 27-year-old British actress talks famous drama school classmates, the many ways to pronounce ‘yogurt,’ and why her Miu Miu bag is perfect for storing pet supplies. 

Currently binge-watching: I started watching ‘The Killing’ last night on Netflix. I’m like five years too late.”

Before discovering acting: I used to want to be a vet — pre-realizing that I’m not good with blood. It was, like, not my kind of thing.”

Favorite brands: Rachel Comey, Creatures of Comfort, Acne…I feel like I should be saying very fancy brands but I mostly just wear vintage. The biggest thing I miss about L.A. is the vintage. My best friend Kiki and I would go to vintage markets every Sunday. So much fun and so cheap. I also like swapping clothes with friends. A friend of mine who also lives there works for Hedi Slimane, she’s one of the designers, and so her clothing collection is insane.”

Current fashion obsession: I’m obsessed with this little Miu Miu bag — I wear it every day. It’s small but it can fit my dog poop bags in it, and her treats. I have a small black mutt called Stella, she had a haircut the other day and her haircut costs more than my haircut in New York.”

American vs. English differences: I hate when you’re given the check and you haven’t asked for it. In England that would be so rude. But here that would be great service. People are so much friendlier [here]. People will talk to you on the street. No one’s like, ‘Ooh my god, I love your jacket’ in England. You’d be like ‘you’re crazy.’”

Her accent: My boyfriend was teasing me because I say ‘yah-ghurt,’ and you say ‘yo-gurt.'”

The L.A. effect: I think I’ve gotten a little soft, living in LA. I now don’t mind waiting 20 minutes for a latte.”

Famous classmates: Jeremy Irvine were in the same class together — he was not called Jeremy Irvine then, he was called Jeremy Smith. And both of us sort of giggle about it now. He went off and did a Spielberg movie! He’s so nice. It’s weird because he’s worked with all my friends. In England it’s such a small community. Everyone know everyone.”

Best accessory: “I’m [nicknamed] Bonzo, and my best friend is Kiki, and I made us necklaces for Christmas — why not?”