Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is no peacock.

Telegraphing his centrist political stance, the French president-elect’s go-to uniform of off-the-rack navy suits are neither too popular nor too fancy in allure. The cut of his suits is just so, never too slim or loose in terms of fit, offering a classic look that is contemporary but doesn’t alienate.

While conservative candidate François Fillon landed in hot water for his predilection for bespoke Arnys suits, Macron’s approach to dressing — at least for now — is more pragmatic and modest.

His suits — from Parisian father-and-son tailor Jonas et Cie — cost around 340 euros, or about $370.

“We have a few politician clients, such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Alain Joyandet, but our main clientele is young business graduates. We offer them free ties to build a relationship,” said Jean-Claude Touboul, who founded Jonas et Cie with his son Laurent in 1996.

The firm is located in the Sentier clothing district of Paris and offers around 4,000 cloths based on revisited classics.

Macron has been a client for about three years, Touboul said.

“He has a preference for blues, which fits his function. There is nothing too extravagant about his suits. He may change the number of pockets, and he likes his ties to be slim but not too slim. But other than that he is consistent in what he goes for. He’s a very pleasant guy, very direct,” he continued. “We always make a few adjustments, but he doesn’t need bespoke as he has a model’s measurements.”

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