Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang speaks during a press conference to deny allegations of sexual harrassment.

HONG KONG – Well-known Cantonese comedian Eric Tsang has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct and said he has filed a lawsuit against at least one of his accusers, the former head of Ford Models Asia Pacific.

The A-list Asian actor stands accused of raping an actress in the Nineties and drugging multiple models. The sexual harassment furor is the first major scandal to hit Asia following the #MeToo movement, which has roiled multiple industries from entertainment to fashion to news and politics in the West.

In a news conference held Wednesday, Tsang appeared in front of press flanked by his lawyer and son, and denied any wrongdoing.

“Regarding the circulated ‘Eric Tsang sexually harassed Yammie Lam’ reports, I can tell everyone it is completely fabricated,” Tsang said, taking no questions from reporters. “Respecting women is a value I support. I am willing to cooperate with any kind of investigation, and furthermore utilize legal methods to protect my personal reputation. As for Grace Han’s inaccurate Weibo post, I have already filed a lawsuit.”

The accusations surfaced publicly in 2013, when actress Yammie Lam recorded a video in which she stated she had been raped by two famous Hong Kong entertainment figures in the Nineties, which derailed her career and caused her to attempt suicide. While the original video concealed the names of the alleged offenders, Tsang was later named.

In a series of social media posts, 70-year-old Grace Han has been leading the charge of accusations against Eric Tsang.

In a series of social media posts, 70-year-old Grace Han has been leading the charge of accusations against Eric Tsang.  Courtesy

It was brought back into the public eye this week by Grace Han, who served as the former Asia-Pacific president of Ford Models, who posted that Tsang was widely known to be a sexual predator in the industry and that he had targeted her models in the past.

She alleged that Tsang had at least on one occasion taken a group of models to a karaoke lounge, with the promise of meeting a famous celebrity, and slipped drugs into their drinks. She wrote that one model was able to escape by forcing herself to throw up, but returned from the bathroom to see other girls had collapsed unconscious.

Aged 64, Tsang is an actor, director and popular emcee known for his bawdy persona.

Following Tsang’s Wednesday statement, Han responded on Weibo writing: “Holding a press conference means [you are] a gentleman?”

She added. “Worried for this old lady? No need, the old lady dares to publicly criticize because this incident occurred. Sue me? I’m sitting waiting.”

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