Javon Walton on the runway for Dick's Sporting Goods.

On HBO’s “Euphoria,” Javon Walton convincingly plays the underage drug dealer “Ashtray,” but on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ runway Wednesday night, he was all about being an ambitious athlete.

Composed and all-business in an Under Armour sweatshirt, turtleneck, basketball shorts and untied high-tops, the young actor wasn’t faking it. A Junior Olympic boxing prodigy, the 13-year-old started working with the athletic label at the age of eight. His endorsement of Under Armour can be seen in a commercial with The Rock. Accustomed to two daily workouts totaling four hours of exercise, Walton seems to have parlayed that athletic discipline into his acting skills — with a little help from the “Euphoria” star Zendaya.

After his runway debut, the Georgia-born Walton lived up to his “Wanna” nickname in an interview, while his father listened in from the wings.

WWD: When did you first start working with Under Armour?

Javon Walton: Man, I got picked up for the Under Armour Next team when I was about eight years old so our relationship just grew from there.

WWD: Do you know Under Armour’s chief executive officer Kevin Plank personally?

J.W.: I don’t but I’d like to meet him.

WWD: Is this the first show that you’ve done?

J.W.: “Euphoria,” yeah, definitely.

WWD: Actually, I meant the Dick’s fashion show. Were you nervous?

J.W.: [Laughs] This is the first fashion show that I’ve done. I wasn’t nervous at all. It was just a really exciting and awesome moment to be here. I loved working with Dick’s Sporting Goods and I’d love to work with them again.

WWD: How was the experience on “Euphoria”?

J.W.: It was awesome. I learned a lot from the cast members such as Zendaya. She’s a very talented actor who was always in character. I learned a lot from that, to always be in character on the set.

WWD: What was it like to play a drug dealer, when you lead such a healthy life personally?

J.W.: I thought of it as a really fun acting opportunity. It’s really cool to play somebody different than what you actually are.

WWD: How did you research the role?

J.W.: I didn’t really research it.

WWD: How can you be so convincing?

J.W.: [Laughs sinisterly.] I’m so convincing, because I’m always in character on the set. I’m always in the role.

WWD: Were you concerned that your acting might make drug dealing seem cool to people your age, because you did such a great job?

J.W.: No, thank you very much. I wasn’t really concerned because I don’t think kids my age would say, “Oh, I need to become a drug dealer because Ashtray makes so much money.” They all know that it’s just fake and kids my age shouldn’t be watching the show any way.

WWD: How much time do you spend in the gym?

J.W.: I spend a lot of my day working out. I try to do a morning session and an afternoon one. Working out is really important to me and it keeps me really fit. Plus, boxing is my favorite thing to do. Of course, I will compete for a very long time. I love boxing. I really want to go to the Olympics. My goal is to a win a Golden Glove and to turn pro.

WWD: Which Olympic Games do you hope to go to?

J.W.: 2024 [looking toward his father, who nods approvingly.]

WWD: Do you still compete in trampoline and tumbling?

J.W.: Yeah, it helps me with my air awareness and my awareness overall. It’s such a fun sport. I hope to win a gold medal for that one day, too.

WWD: What would people like to know about Zendaya?

J.W.: People would be surprised by how much of an amazing actress she is. I learned so much from her, like I said before. It was such an honor to be able to work with somebody so amazing.

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