Evan Rachel Wood69th Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 17 Sep 2017

Evan Rachel Wood is up for a second Emmy — this time for her leading role in “Westworld” — and the day the nominations were unveiled she was blissfully unaware. WWD chatted with Wood on what the big day looks like for her and longtime stylist Samantha McMillen and where she was when she learned of her nomination.

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WWD: What is the day of the Emmys like for you?
Evan Rachel Wood: I have such an amazing team; I’ve been working with them for almost a decade now. We just try to have fun. I’ll probably put on music and dance around and laugh with the glam squad. We are prepared by the time the Emmys come — we always send around reference photos, we all try to think about hair and makeup and what we’re going to do. It’s a project, it really is a project.

I think because I did have those early years where it caused so much anxiety, and I know it’s a part of my job, I was like, “I have to make it fun and creative and make it a project, so that it really does feel like an expression of who I am or a creative endeavor.” Otherwise it’s just not as fun. So to have a team that I work with that is equally as passionate about what we’re doing, it just makes it fun, and I think we all kind of strive to do things that we don’t see every day. We’ve all gotten a little bored so we try to keep it interesting.

WWD: What other shows are you rooting for?
E.R.W.: I did like “Stranger Things,” and I was blown away by “Big Little Lies.” I would just throw Emmys at that thing. I thought all the acting was brilliant and the way it was done it was not an easy thing to pull off.

WWD: Where were you when you found out you were nominated?
E.R.W.: I was in bed. I try not to work myself up about it, so I forgot that they were being announced. I was in bed and my phone started to ring and I looked down and someone said “congratulations” and I was like congratulations? And then I was like “oh my god” and I Googled the Emmys and it was that day, and I started laughing at myself. I was like, a) I’ve been in “Westworld” land and b) I was just laughing at how I try so hard not to stress about it that I completely forgot the day they were being announced.

My friend was like, “I cannot believe you Googled the Emmys.” I was like, “I’m sorry!” But it’s wonderful.

Evan Rachel Wood in “Westworld.” 

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