Corporate takeovers are one thing, but a birthday is a birthday — even if you’re Barry Diller. Diane Von Furstenburg wasn’t going to let her friend’s birthday pass unmarked, so she was planning to throw him a surprise party last night at her Carlyle apartment. In the spirit of fair play, WWD did not contact Diller for comment.

After this year’s lackluster holiday season, the out-and-abouts haven’t been waiting for winter to blow over to do their thing. The Odeon has been packed every night — John Kennedy Jr. and Daryl Hannah are getting to be regulars. Although no one can believe it, Cafe Tabac is still happening with diehard fans like Christy Turlington, Gianni Versace and Valentino, though the private, dark din of Flowers is giving Tabac a run for its money — as Robert De Niro, Matt Dillon, Claudia Schiffer and Karen Duffy will tell you. Turlington and De Niro were both at the opening of the World Room on 16th Street the other night, and Monica Lynch is throwing a party there later this month. The Markham is still picking up speed, and you can add Julia Child to its list of fans.

“It’s a very fun idea for a restaurant,” said Child, who took the last of her roast chicken home. “Yes, well they give you such enormous portions there, don’t they?”

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