Isaac Mizrahi had a new apprentice for a little while last week — Forest Whitaker. Whitaker was shaping up his part as a designer in “Pret-a-Porter” and soaking up what it means to be Le Miz. “He was so earnest,” recalled Mizrahi, “but he looked sort of bewildered half the time, especially during a meeting we were having about buttons. I kept wanting to tell him we weren’t putting him on, this is really what we do all day.” Whitaker also watched several fittings. “When he left, he thanked me and said it had been incredibly helpful,” said Mizrahi. “but I didn’t do that much.” Whitaker had spent time at a trade show with Todd Oldham the week before.

Sarah Jessica Parker is making Flowers on New York’s West 17th Street her second home. She had dinner there last week with David Letterman producer Robert Morton, came back with friends Saturday night, then scheduled boyfriend Matthew Broderick’s birthday party there for mid-March.

Martin Scorsese and Ismail Merchant are teaming up on a new project: a launch party for Lancaster’s new fragrance, Casmir. The two filmmakers will host the event on March 28 at Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship, where Merchant’s own Indian recipes will be prepared and served by Glorious Food. Why the film connection? Lancaster thinks it will help bring a younger customer to Casmir and made a contribution to the Merchant Ivory Foundation. Merchant even penned an eight-page advertorial for Casmir in Bon Appetit — saying the exotic notes trigger memories of his youth in India.

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