Frederic Fekkai, Oribe and Kevyn Aucoin are taking to the airwaves. Oprah Winfrey invited the three, plus Oribe’s colorist, Brad Johns, and her own hair and makeup men, onto her show to work their wonders on 13 of her staff — and on Oprah herself.

“A lot of you may wonder what business it is of mine to want to make over anyone,” Oprah tells her audience. “But listen — I get a makeover every single morning.” On the segment, which airs Feb. 10, Fekkai, Oribe and Aucoin also reveal their own beauty peeves.

The Air France Concorde has had another hitch. Thursday’s Paris-New York flight turned back after one hour in flight due to a fuel leak and then took a further three hours to limp back to Paris at subsonic speed. Several passengers then canceled their flights to New York, including Susan Gutfreund, who upon landing headed off to have a pedicure.