When John Bartlett and four models bared all in the designer’s sensual, mystical CFDA Awards video at the recent gala, many in the audience looked to their programs to see who directed the beautiful piece. It was Claudio Droguett, and Ali MacGraw did more than look him up in the program — she asked him to direct her new yoga workout video. MacGraw is hoping Droguett can help her take the workout video to a higher plane of consciousness — and, of course, a wide audience.

Pierre Berge has adopted another cause — the English language. In Berge’s latest column in Globe, the French-language alternative weekly he partly owns, he heaps scorn on French culture minister Jacques Toubon’s plan to ban the use of English in France, a threat that includes fines for deejays who play too much Anglo-Saxon music.

The Yves Saint Laurent president lambastes Toubon for being “naive and misguided…ridiculous, even ludicrous.”

“Could Mr. Toubon explain to us how he would say the following…in French? After a little ‘jogging,’ let’s meet up in the ‘bar’ and drink a ‘cocktail’ before going to eat a ‘hamburger,”‘ Berge writes in English.

In fact, the only word of French Berge uses in the article is in the headline, “Mr. Toubon you’ve made a connerie,” slang for, “You’ve made an ass of yourself.”

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