The Spago post-Oscar party is now just as desperate to find a host as the Academy was after Billy Crystal dropped out. As for the most oft-mentioned front-runners, the troika of David Geffen, Barry Diller and Sandy Gallin has bailed, as have Barbara and Marvin Davis. “There’s no chance of me giving that party,” said Geffen a few nights ago. And Barbara Davis, who’s holding a wedding for her daughter Nancy (to Kenny Rickel) only two days before the Oscars, said, “There just isn’t room on my plate. And it’s a difficult party; you can easily make enemies since there is only room for 200 people.” Maybe Graydon Carter’s party at Mortons will end up the A-list gathering spot.

Paul Marciano has occasionally been accused of going out on a limb with his provocative advertising campaigns for Guess. This time he’s gone for the whole tree. Marciano has joined Tree People, the spirited environmental group that Bette Midler and producer-director David Zucker actively support. Marciano says the wild fires that burned thousands of acres in Southern California in October motivated him. So far, he and Guess have planted more than 15,000 trees.

And this fall, Marciano will add another member to the ranks of Tree People. he and wife Kymberly are expecting their first child in September. The couple had kept the news quiet, but Barbara Lazaroff tipped their hand the other night at Spago when she placed her ear against Kymberly’s stomach to listen for the little Guess girl – or boy.

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