John Galliano was a bit nervous about his big show in Vienna last Saturday — a benefit for children with AIDS. Four thousand people were expected, including Suzanne Bartsch and her clan, to watch Galliano’s presentation, followed by Zulu dancers. The designer, setting up shop in his new space in the Bastille, shaved a piece of his eyebrow in honor of the event and was all abuzz about London’s latest rage: branding. “You know, branding flesh. Apparently, it’s painless,” he said, adding that he doesn’t think it will really take off. As for what’s hot in Paris, he said, “Look at these baby feet,” and peeled off his socks to reveal fiery red painted toenails. “Well, why not? You’ve got to be in touch with your femininity.”

John’s first pedicure took place at Revlon, with Carla Bruni in the next room.

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