Poor Madonna. When she flew out of LaGuardia Airport Sunday on one of Warner Records’ Gulfstream jets, she was all alone — except for her 30 pieces of luggage.

Now that Giorgio Armani is turning 60, will he be slowing down? In an interview in an Italian newspaper Monday, he was asked if he’d prepared the succession of his fashion empire.

“Not really,” he answered. “I have three alternatives: keep going, sell — the least likely possibility — or find the right multinational partner so I can withdraw from direct management responsibility. That way, I could limit myself to the creative side of the business, or dedicate myself, for example, to a home collection.”

Asked if that meant he was seriously thinking of slowing down, he told WWD at a cocktail party hosted by Milan daily Corriere della Sera Monday night: “That was just an answer to a typical interview question. After all, what I really love to do is work.”

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